2017 Candidate Survey

Right Way Forward Virginia has developed a candidate survey to ask candidates for Governor and the House of Delegates to go on the record regarding key priorities we seek to advance in the next session of the General Assembly.

The survey includes questions about criminal justice reform, equal rights under the law, and the right to earn an honest living without unnecessary government interference.

As a nonpartisan advocacy organization, Right Way Forward Virginia does not endorse candidates for political office. But we encourage like-minded Virginians to contact the candidates and urge them to support a free, prosperous, and inclusive Virginia.

In particular, it’s vital Virginians contact their candidates and urge them to support criminal justice reform. Unfortunately, many bipartisan criminal justice reform bills die each year in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Because election season is the time when the politicians are listening most closely to the people, there is no better time for Virginians to lobby the candidates on criminal justice reform. Please sign and share the petition urging the candidates to support criminal justice reform.