U.S. Senate Shouldn’t Rush NSA “Reform”

What the political experts deemed unthinkable just weeks ago happened over the weekend.

Three provisions of the so-called “Patriot” Act expired — including Section 215, which the government relied on to justify its bulk data collection of innocent Americans’ communications.

But now U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to ram through the already watered-down “reform” bill known as the USA Freedom Act, and the next vote is imminent.

What’s worse, McConnell wants to gut that legislation even more with a package of amendments favored by the pro-mass surveillance caucus.

And by “filling the amendment tree,” McConnell will prevent any votes on meaningful amendments to better protect civil liberties.

It’s vital grassroots civil libertarians act at once.

Now that the “Patriot” Act provisions have already sunset, and McConnell can’t use a looming deadline to scare waffling Senators into voting with him, there’s no reason to rush through a flawed “reform” bill with little-to-no debate and a closed amendment process.

At the very least, allowing amendments by civil libertarians would force every member of the Senate on the record with roll call votes about more meaningful reforms.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats alike don’t want that to happen. They’re happy to pass a so-called “reform” bill, avoid tough votes, and pretend the problem is solved.

That’s why we need to turn up the heat now.

Please call Virginia’s U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY and urge them to oppose on all votes the rushed attempt to ram through the USA Freedom Act without an opportunity to vote on pro-liberty amendments.

Call Senator Mark Warner at (202) 224-2023.

Call Senator Tim Kaine at (202) 224-4024.

A vote is just hours away. There’s not a moment to lose.

Please act right away.