Urge VA Senate General Laws Committee to Support Public Employee Non-Discrimination

The Virginia Senate General Laws Committee is meeting on Monday, and the docket includes SB12, common-sense legislation which prohibits discrimination against LGBT government employees.

In its hiring and firing practices, the government ought to make decisions based solely on one’s ability to do the job. SB12 would simply enshrine into law this fundamental principle.

As an excellent editorial by the Richmond Times-Dispatch put it, “Government has no rights — only powers and obligations. And one of its most important obligations is to guarantee equal treatment under law. There is no rational reason to let the commonwealth do otherwise.”

Virginia has a proud reputation as a business-friendly state and passing legislation protecting LGBT public employees from workplace discrimination would help Virginia develop a reputation as an inclusive state as well.

Please contact members of the committee and urge them to support SB12 and take a stand for equal rights under law.

It’s especially vital libertarians and allies contact the Republicans on the committee. Tell them that as a supporter of limited government, you insist they support equal rights under the law.